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Pre Employment Medical – Brookvale – Warringah Mall – Medclinic Family Practice


At Medclinic Family Practice all pre-employment medicals are conducted by a qualified general  practitioner with experience with Work Cover and occupational health issues.
Pre-employment medical examinations serve two main purposes:

  • To assess if the applicant is fit for the desired employment. Pre-employment medicals are extremely important to assess the likelihood that your applicant has a serious underlying medical disorder that may prevent them from performing the assigned work that you are employing the applicant to undertake.
  • Pre-employment medicals can also uncover potential pre-existing medical conditions that could affect a potential WorkCover claim later down the track. Drug and alcohol screening, hearing tests and lung function tests can also be performed on our site.

We perform all aspects of pre-employment medicals including statutory WorkCover medicals and assessing fitness to drive medicals for commercial and private licensing.

For speed, efficiency and convenience, all pre-employment medical can be emailed or faxed within 1 hour of completion of the pre-employment medical.
We are able to cater for any employer needs in regards to additional services such:

  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Spirometry (lung function test)
  • Instant Drug & Alcohol Testing (by way of a urine sample)
  • Drug Screening Laboratory Confirmation (for non-negative results)
  • Alcohol Breath Test
  • Flu Vaccination programmes at our Medical Centre

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